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  1. Robyne Hosking says:

    T.hank you for sharing these photos. I moved from Christchurch in the late 80’s and these photos have shown me the destruction that the earthquake has done on the most beautiful and old buildings.

    • WildBoyz Urban Exploration says:

      No problem, thanks for taking the time to comment. We only ever experienced Christchurch after the earthquakes, which is a real shame because it looked like a very nice place indeed.

  2. Paul C says:


    Really nice photos. I think this is near me, can you help?

    Where is the entrance?
    Any specialist gear required?



    • WildBoyz Urban Exploration says:

      Thanks Paul.

      Unfortunately we don’t give out access details. No specialist equipment is required though. Have a look around your local area if you think it’s nearby, I’m sure you’ll find something.



  3. Oliver tily says:

    I go to kavangh college the school beside the priory and me and my friends have been scoping it out to go exploring in it and we’re wondering how you got in

    • WildBoyz Urban Exploration says:

      Hello Oliver

      Unfortunately we don’t post access details in public, otherwise everyone would be inside these places. In this instance, I would advise against trying to find a way inside the priory as a person lives in a small section of it, and the police use it for training purposes.



  4. Sue Bell says:

    The photos are amazing. I lived at Campion Hall in 1979 while studying at Teachers College and have many happy memories of the property. Thank you.

  5. Stephanie Hobbs says:

    I would like to commend you daring wildboyz for venturing into those places that I have always wanted to but have not been brave enough. I am enjoying your photos on your website which theODT publication made known. I love history, and this is a great way to enjoy it.
    I live in Dunedin, and so have looked at your Dunedin photos first.
    Great shots.