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  1. Robyne Hosking says:

    T.hank you for sharing these photos. I moved from Christchurch in the late 80’s and these photos have shown me the destruction that the earthquake has done on the most beautiful and old buildings.

    • WildBoyz Urban Exploration says:

      No problem, thanks for taking the time to comment. We only ever experienced Christchurch after the earthquakes, which is a real shame because it looked like a very nice place indeed.

  2. Paul C says:


    Really nice photos. I think this is near me, can you help?

    Where is the entrance?
    Any specialist gear required?



    • WildBoyz Urban Exploration says:

      Thanks Paul.

      Unfortunately we don’t give out access details. No specialist equipment is required though. Have a look around your local area if you think it’s nearby, I’m sure you’ll find something.



  3. Oliver tily says:

    I go to kavangh college the school beside the priory and me and my friends have been scoping it out to go exploring in it and we’re wondering how you got in

    • WildBoyz Urban Exploration says:

      Hello Oliver

      Unfortunately we don’t post access details in public, otherwise everyone would be inside these places. In this instance, I would advise against trying to find a way inside the priory as a person lives in a small section of it, and the police use it for training purposes.



  4. Sue Bell says:

    The photos are amazing. I lived at Campion Hall in 1979 while studying at Teachers College and have many happy memories of the property. Thank you.

  5. Stephanie Hobbs says:

    I would like to commend you daring wildboyz for venturing into those places that I have always wanted to but have not been brave enough. I am enjoying your photos on your website which theODT publication made known. I love history, and this is a great way to enjoy it.
    I live in Dunedin, and so have looked at your Dunedin photos first.
    Great shots.

  6. A Thankful Visitor. says:

    Glorious to see this place in ruins. I hated almost every second I was forced to endure this school. Most of the teachers seemed to despise their work, and few people I knew liked it. It was stuck 20 years in the past when I was there. It might seem a small point to the poster of these photos, but seeing the place run down and being bulldozed away actually made me feel incredible good, so thank you it was therapeutic. Went back for a walk around myself when I found myself in Melton, to get behind it, inspired by these pictures. The new buildings and what’s there now seem much nicer places by comparison, rather than looking like old hospitals.

    • WildBoyz Urban Exploration says:

      Glad you enjoyed the report 🙂 Your experience here sounds… Shit. We have to agree, older schools buildings can often be easily mistaken for old hospitals.

    • Benjani says:

      Wow- this is awesome!
      I was the last ever school year here and it is so scary to see it all derelict now!
      Many good memories there 🙂