About Us

Welcome to WildBoyz Urban Exploration.

As the title likely suggests, we are a group of ‘Urban Explorers’. Currently we have members based across the United Kingdom and in New Zealand. We have been exploring together as a group for a number of years now and during this time our interests in the urban environment have grown enormously. Like most others who involve themselves with this sort of activity, we started out exploring pigeon infested buildings, but, as fascinating as they are in all of their decay and dust, other areas of the cityscape have now begun to attract our attention. The city has become our playground and, collectively, we wish to share some of our stories and the images we have managed to capture. We aim to share these with other people out in the world, with hope that they (you, while reading this short introduction) may also feel inspired and give it a try themselves – maybe even grab a few shots along the way? While we are keen to share our own material, we are also enthusiastic to look at what other people have been doing; so by all means, please share your stories with us too. Enjoy the content and feel free to leave a comment on the site.


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